Saturday, October 4, 2008

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Me and my Uncle Russell

I have so much fun playing with my Uncle Russell, he is the best. He will read and read and then read some more to me. I totally wear him out I think he said he even broke his toe when I was at his house playing, he is a good sport though he still kept playing with me!

Family Dinner for Harley


Fun at Andy Alligators

Mommy and Daddy skipped school and work to take us to Andy Alligators Friday. It was lots of fun! I got my own golf club and everything!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Me and my new tractor THANKS Pappy and Harley!!

Pappy came over last night and brought me a present, A TRACTOR!!! Pappy and Harley had been working on and it since Harley got back home, it is Daddy's old tractor from when he was a baby. Pappy got it some new parts and Harley re-painted it. Thanks guys I LOVE IT!!! It is about 31 years old, Pappy said that Paw Paw bought it for Daddy when he was 2. Daddy took me to the Dr. the other day for my 18 month check up and I got 2 shots I didnt even cry. I did that night though and I wouldnt walk anymore Mommy and Daddy had to carry me. I weighed 26.6 pounds and was 35-1/4 inches long I am in the 47 percentile for my weight and the 95 percentile for my height.

Pictures of me and my Pappy and big sisters they were sitting on him first and I was not having it, that my PAPPY!!!